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Bilingual Kindergarten & After School Hort in Munich

Anna Wennekers // Head Teacher Hort & German Teacher

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Monette Koerkamp // Head Teacher Kindergarten & English Teacher

I joined this lovely community in July 2015 when my husband’s work brought us to Munich. With a cumulative 9 years of teaching preschool, early graders, and university students both in the Philippines and Thailand, my passion for teaching and fondness of children continue to drive me towards self-improvement and dedication. 

I am a firm believer of the transformative role education contributes to our society. At the same time, I also believe that for a meaningful and constructive learning to begin, a child must have a healthy self-concept. Given this, I am looking forward to a partnership with Choclate Butterflies in nurturing a holistic environment that is learner-centered, creativity-inspired, and developmentally appropriate for our children. 

As part of an able team of teachers, I hope to be able to substantially contribute to an exciting, insightful, and wonderful CB experience for our students.  

Thelma Mardersteig // English Teacher

I was born and raised in Jamaica in a beautiful town called St. Ann which is known as the Garden Parish and located on the northern end of the island. I have 11 siblings and I am also a mom.

I have over 14 years’ experience working with young children. My experiences also include 6 years as a police constable on the Jamaica Special Constabulary Force. The knowledge and expertise I gained during the past years have encouraged me to pursue my dream as a Preschool Teacher and have helped to develop and strengthen my passion for working with children.

I obtained my degree in Early Childhood Education in the Bahamas where I lived and worked as a Child Caregiver for 2 years and a Preschool teacher for 4 years.

In October 2007, I moved to Munich from the Bahamas and worked at an International Preschool in the south of Munich for almost 8 years. In September 2015, I joined the Chocolate Butterflies team.

As a preschool teacher, I have regular interaction with inter-cultural children in a multi-cultural preschool setting as well as private tutoring. My knowledge, skills and past experiences enables me to assist in providing a warm, nurturing, safe and enjoyable learning environment for the children in my care.

My hobbies are reading, camping, hiking and cooking. I am presently enjoying a positive and effective relationship with the Chocolate Butterflies family. 

Nicole Kovac // English Teacher

My name is Nicole and I am an early childhood educator. I grew up in a small town in Canada with Portuguese roots. I am married and have one beautiful daughter. I moved to Germany to try a new experience and haven't left. I met my husband here and we now have a beautiful family together.

In Canada I finished a 2 year program in Early Childhood Education. Within the program I have done many different placements such as kindergarten to infant and child development services. I have been working in this field since 2009 and enjoy it extremely.

I have a real passion for working with children and feel rewarded to see them thrive. My main goals as a teacher are to be a good role model, motivate and inspire the children to learn. 

Rumi Buchner // Music Teacher

Playing music and singing with children has always been something that I have enjoyed. And so I began my work with Chocolate Butterflies while doing my studies for my music degree in 2003. In doing so I realized, that the joy the children have while making music is the most important thing. They should develop a musical foundation and be allowed to move and dance as they wish, they should develop a feeling for rhythm but most of all they should laugh while doing it.

I work as a freelance music teacher in kindergartens, day care centers and in an elementary school. In addition, I founded a music theater, together with pianist Monika Moll called klang&farben. Here we bring drama together with traditional/classical music. In 2009, I completed my training in Breathing Therapy (respiratory therapy) according to Herta Richter and since then work together in groups or with individuals. In April 2016, I successfully completed my exams to become a registered German Naturopath. 

Andreas Ullrich // Sports Teacher 

Alongside his work with us at Chocolate Butterflies, Andreas is a personal trainer and entrepreneur in the areas of fitness and healthcare. He is successfully launching his startup Groopya, which offers a fitness platform of freelance trainers offering outdoor group trainings.

He loves working with children in a playful manner that fosters physical activity. The point is to inspire them for exercise and push their limits. Whoever exercises regularly will also become more self-confident as one sees progress. This is especially true with children as they learn very quickly and try new things.

We are especially proud with his recently published book “Power Papa”, co-authored with Andreas Lober – a father of one our current kids. The book is about effective training for fathers while having fun with the kids. The great thing about the book is that fathers can bond with their children, play sports while being a role model, and get kids excited about exercise.  

Sarah Eigelt // German Caregiver (Intern) 

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