chocolate butterflies
Bilingual Kindergarten & After School Hort in Munich


Chocolate Butterflies attempts to provide a wide range of facilities at low cost. 

Admissions Fee

Membership Fee

Monthly Fee


One time payment


Annual payment

The fees vary depending on the hours booked: 

4-5 hours   €162  +  €60 Food

5-6 hours   €180  +  €60 Food

6-7 hours   €201  +  €70 Food

7-8 hours   €224  +  €70 Food

8-9 hours   €249  +  €77 Food

9+ hours    €277  +  €77 Food

The external music teacher is also included in these fees. 

+ One month's fee has to be paid as a deposit. This deposit will be refunded when the member leaves the kindergarten association.

Depending on income, parents can apply for partial funding of kindergarten fees by the juvenile care department ("Jugendamt") of the City of Munich. 

Our proven method for integrating new children in the kindergarten is to place them in the morning group. Once in the kindergarten association, members can apply for a full-day place. Applications should be handed in in writing to the enrollment committee. The enrollment committee will consider the application as soon as feasible. Although siblings of current kindergarten children receive preferential enrollment as opposed to new children, for the sake of early planning, siblings' applications should be handed in as early as possible.

Opening Hours


07:30am - 17:30pm (all children must be present by 09:00am)


07:30am - 17:30pm (all children must be present by 09:00am)


07:30am - 17:00pm (all children must be present by 09:00am)


07:30am - 17:30pm (all children must be present by 09:00am)


07:30am - 17:30pm (all children must be present by 09:00am)

Apart from the period from Christmas (December 24th) through the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th), public holidays, and the last three weeks of August, the kindergarten is open all year. Sometimes if a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the kindergarten may remain closed on the Monday or Friday, thus closing for a long weekend.